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PRESS RELEASE: “Hashim Music presents…” New Music Series Soon

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“Hashim Music presents…” New Music Series Soon

June 20, 2012  Columbus, Ohio – Thirty year electronic music publisher Hashim Music (http://www.hashimmusic.com/) will release the first of many digital EPs and digital LPs of the new “Hashim Music presents…” series some time in early 3Q 2012.

“Hashim Music presents…” Series
The “Hashim Music presents…” series will feature music production collaborations of talented DJs, songwriters, producers and remixers from around the world and feature all styles of electronic music.

The series will feature individual artist/ producer collaborations and various artists compilations.

The “Hashim Music…presents” series will initially be licensed to independent music label Bassmint Music (http://www.bassmintmusic.net/) for digital distribution. Additional licensing is in the works.

HD Video & Media Monetization
Hashim Music will also license and distribute HD quality music videos. Hashim Music partners with Ohio based Calliste Communications (http://www.callistecomm.com/) to utilize new digital media management system software MediaDesign powered by Simplestreamtech.com (http://www.simplestreamtech.cm/). MediaDesign allows media professionals and content providers the ability to easily create music video playlists, distribute those playlists and stream HD quality music video to computers, mobile and tablet devices. Most importantly media professionals can potentially monetize media through the system.

Music Demos
If you would like to participate submit your music demo “LINKS” for consideration and review to our independent label partner Bassmint Music at email: ar@bassmintmusic.com. Be sure to include your complete contact details in the email.

Only music demo “LINKS” to your artist profile, Sound Cloud or Reverb Nation style profile, sent by email will be considered and reviewed. All emails received with attached files will be deleted without review.

Calliste Communications also offers entertainment management and small business consulting to its clients.


Bassmint Music To License and Distribute New “Hashim Music presents…” Series

#bassmint #caldella #hashimmusic #indymusic Columbus, Ohio – Bassmint Music Inc. an Ohio based corporation since 2001 with a New York City based branch, plans to license and distribute several new indy artists through it’s new joint venture partnership with music publishing company Hashim Music.

Through the new joint venture Bassmint Music will market, distribute and license the new “Hashim Music presents…” series digital EP’s and digital Albums direct to the consumer. Hashim Music will facilitate the collaborations and productions. The “Hashim Music presents…” series features collaborations between well known writers, producers and artists from around the world.

The “Hashim Music presents…” series will feature individual independent artists initially in the Hip Hop, Electro Dance, Electro Pop, Old School Electro and Nu School Electro music genres. Over time the “Hashim Music presents…” series will feature , House, Tribal and other music genres.

On occasion Bassmint Music will make the music media available on popular music retailer sites such as Amazon MP3, Google Play (formerly Google Music), Skype’s Rdio, Beatport and Spotify.

Also worth mentioning Bassmint Music is in the process of licensing HD quality music videos to a new autonomous indy music video Internet and mobile music media channel Bassmintmusic.tv (Btv). The music media will be delivered over a global CDN to PC’s, MAC’s, smart phones and tablet computers using a third party vendor’s streaming media software and service MediaDesign powered by Simplestreamtech.com http://www.simplestreamtech.com.

Send links (only links) to your music demos to ar@bassmintmusic.com for consideration. Messages with MP3’s attached will b deleted.


Press Release Available for Immediate Release

Bassmint Music Inc. is a private indy label, music distribution, partner with online digital music retailer and partner with music publishing company Cadella Music.

Caldella Music and Hashim Music are publisher members, 2005 and 1985 respectively of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Simplestream Technologies – Simplestream Media Made Easy! is an IaaS and proprietary SaaS managed cloud hosting solutions company. The company primarily offers clients digital media management software and managed cloud hosting solutions to stream high definition quality media to PC’s, smart phones and tablet computers over a global CDN.

For More Information Contact:

Bassmint Music Inc.
Telephone: +1(646)580-9848
Email: info@bassmintmusic.info

Hashim Music
c/o Calliste Communications
Telephone: +1(614)285-7858
Email: mediapr@calliste.us

Telephone: +1(614)285-5882
Email: press@simplestream.us