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PRESS RELEASE: Hashim Music Founder Says “No Thanks” to Street Sounds 30 Year Anniversary


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July 26, 2012 Columbus, Ohio – Electro dance and pop music publisher and music promotions company Hashim Music, an electro and Hip Hop music publisher and member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 1985, and a music publisher of legendary songwriter and music producer Jerry Calliste Jr aka performing and recording artist Hashim. Announces Hashim will not perform the Street Sounds 30 year anniversary 2012 event in London, England.

During November 2011 Morgan Khan of Street Sounds messaged and phoned Calliste Jr and asked if he would be interested in performing the Street Sounds 30 year anniversary event originally considered for early 2012.

What a surprise it was to Calliste Jr. Based on his recollection he was not invited to perform the Street Sounds U.K. Fresh 86 Reunion event, held in the U.K. in 2011. Although his act Electro Hip Hop artist Hashim performed two shows at the original event in 1986, and created the theme song titled “U.K. Fresh ‘86 Anthem” by Hashim featuring M.C. Devon.

Calliste Jr., says “I was in touch with different artists who were invited and we waited to see how the line up panned out. We thought, since the Electro and Hip Hop fans in the U.K. usually request us to perform, and we are still active in the music business and in the process of producing new music, we would enter into talks with Khan and Street Sounds. The invite never came.”

Calliste Jr. was already in the process of planning a U.K. multi-city promotional tour (not live performances) and possibly a London based live performance event to cap off his multi-city promotional tour in 2011. Calliste Jr. called it off due to rioting in London and other cities in England.

Fast forward to 2012, Calliste Jr. and Mr. Khan discussed the Street Sounds 30 year anniversary live performance opportunity. Calliste Jr. says, “A verbal offer was given by Khan to me and I countered but neither side was able to agree and solidify a deal.”

Calliste Jr. informs his fans that due to the unfortunate turn of events and recent chatter and circumstances surrounding the 30 year anniversary, Calliste Jr. has decided if asked again he will not perform the Street Sounds event. In addition Calliste Jr states he will not license any new music to Street Sounds moving forward.

On June 29, 2012 Hashim Music and Calliste Jr. formally messaged Mr. Khan and Street Sounds that Hashim Music and Calliste Jr. will no longer communicate or do business with Mr. Khan or his company. Calliste Jr. says, “Business is business and people have the right to decide how they want to proceed in business and with their events.” “People and businesses evolve. We are in the process of establishing a U.K. presence for Hashim Music and our independent music label group.” He adds, “Keeping the fans in mind and the forefront of our objectives, we will post a press release announcing updates to our “Hashim Music presents…A Wicked Electro & Hip Hop U.K. Event 2012” featuring various Electro & Hip Hop artists.

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For More Information:

Street Sounds
Telephone: +011-44-208-144-7451
Contact: admin@streetsounds.co
United Kingdom


Hashim Music
℅ Calliste Communications
Telephone: +1-614-285-7858
Contact: mediapr@calliste.us
United States of America

PRESS RELEASE: The Hashimite Kingdom “A Conversation with Jerry Calliste Jr aka Hashim” | Bidoun Magazine


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The Hashimite Kingdom “A Conversation with Jerry Calliste Jr aka Hashim” | Bidoun Magazine

June 30, 2012, Columbus, Ohio – The Hashimite Kingdom “A Conversation with Jerry Calliste Jr. a.k.a. Hashim” interview conductd by Dave Tompkins and published Spring 2011 in Bidoun Magazine Read Interview on Calliste.me (PDF).

Calliste mentions: Madonna Ciccone, Paula Ciccone (one of Madonna’s sisters), Mark Vincent (aka Vin Diesel), 2 In A Room, Aldo and Amado Marin, Fordham Prep, John F. Kennedy, H.S., Cutting Records, Tommy Boy, Monica Lynch, DJ Whiz KID (RIP), Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Chase, Whippa Whip, Cold Crush Brothers, DJ Theodore, Rick Rubin, Adam Horowitz, Jonzun Crew, Kool Herc, Soul Sonic Force and many other people from back in the day in this 3 page interview.

Calliste Jr.’s classic Electro Hip Hop song Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) Surpasses 1 million YouTube Native Instrument Views

native_instruments_logo Columbus, Ohio – Jerry Calliste Jr. the co-producer and solo writer of the seminal Electro Hip Hop classic “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” (circa 1983) officially surpassed 1 million YouTube hits, 1,004,957, in 10 to 11 months in the German Native Instruments DJ QBert Breakfast of Champions, Traktor Scratch Pro 2 commercial. See commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxgKCmGVnG0.

Last week Calliste Jr. and DJ Qbert talked via mobile and agreed to collaborate on two new tracks written and produced by Calliste Jr. “That’s my favorite electro hip hop track of all time” said QBert to Calliste Jr. during their conversation.

In the DJ QBert Breakfast of Champions Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro 2 commercial. Three DMC World Champion DJ’s DJ QBert, DJ Rafik and DJ Shiftee triple team Calliste Jr.’s Classic electro Hip Hop song demonstrating how easy it is to manipulate a song, live in a mix.

Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) was licensed to Native Instruments back in January 2011 by Cutting Records Music (ASCAP) and first appeared on YouTube March 7, 2011.