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PRESS RELEASE: Calliste Jr. Heads To Europe: Hashim To Perform in UK


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Calliste Jr. Heads to Europe: Hashim to Perform in UK

August 12, 2012   Columbus, Ohio – Electro dance and pop music publisher and music promotions company Hashim Music, an Electro and Hip Hop music publisher for over 27 years announced that legendary songwriter, producer and entertainment manager Jerry Calliste Jr aka performing and recording artist Hashim, is heading to the United Kingdom and Europe to establish Hashim Music’s and Bassmint Music’s U.K. business operations and organize live performances and appearances.

Calliste Jr. will locate in London sometime in 2012. For the next several months, Calliste Jr (Hashim) is available for bookings throughout the United Kingdom – England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Hashim’s music appears on millions of records, CDs, mp3s, and on over 130 “definitive” and “best of” Electro and hip hop music compilations and 4 very popular video games.

It’s been 26 years since Hashim appeared in the U.K. In 1986, Hashim performed two Electro and Hip Hop music sets to two sold out crowds at Wembley Arena. Hashim plans to perform live and make public and Internet radio appearances. On 9 August, he appeared on DJ Laz-E’s Plastic Attack RTE 2XM (www.rte.ie/2xm) radio located in Dublin, Ireland. The next interview will air approximately, 28 August on Marky-P’s, Soul City Grooves, Hip Hoppin Non Stoppin, London based radio show.

Calliste Jr. also plans to set up new U.K. operations for Hashim Music and independent music label Bassmint Music. The new Hashim Music U.K. operations web site will be at www.hashimmusic.co.uk and Bassmint Music’s new web site will be at www.bassmintmusic.co.uk.

Hashim Music and Bassmint Music plan to sign new songwriters, co-publishers, independent artists and offer more equity than most independents. Calliste Jr. says, “Since I have been a songwriter and music publisher for many years, I understand the importance of owning and controlling your masters.” “We offer songwriters and co-publishers the opportunity to retain ownership of their masters, while Hashim Music administers the publishing and shares the revenue stream and Bassmint Music gives artists an opportunity to reach a global audience.”

Calliste Jr. believes it’s time to innovate music promotion and distribution worldwide. The companies will use new, on demand streaming and live streaming media technologies, MediaDesign powered by United States based Simplestream Technologies (www.simplestreamtech.com) and utilize the new complete recording studio software Reason 6.5 and Essentials 1.5 by Propellerhead Software (www.propellerheads.se) located in Sweden.

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PRESS RELEASE: “Hashim Music presents…” New Music Series Soon

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“Hashim Music presents…” New Music Series Soon

June 20, 2012  Columbus, Ohio – Thirty year electronic music publisher Hashim Music (http://www.hashimmusic.com/) will release the first of many digital EPs and digital LPs of the new “Hashim Music presents…” series some time in early 3Q 2012.

“Hashim Music presents…” Series
The “Hashim Music presents…” series will feature music production collaborations of talented DJs, songwriters, producers and remixers from around the world and feature all styles of electronic music.

The series will feature individual artist/ producer collaborations and various artists compilations.

The “Hashim Music…presents” series will initially be licensed to independent music label Bassmint Music (http://www.bassmintmusic.net/) for digital distribution. Additional licensing is in the works.

HD Video & Media Monetization
Hashim Music will also license and distribute HD quality music videos. Hashim Music partners with Ohio based Calliste Communications (http://www.callistecomm.com/) to utilize new digital media management system software MediaDesign powered by Simplestreamtech.com (http://www.simplestreamtech.cm/). MediaDesign allows media professionals and content providers the ability to easily create music video playlists, distribute those playlists and stream HD quality music video to computers, mobile and tablet devices. Most importantly media professionals can potentially monetize media through the system.

Music Demos
If you would like to participate submit your music demo “LINKS” for consideration and review to our independent label partner Bassmint Music at email: ar@bassmintmusic.com. Be sure to include your complete contact details in the email.

Only music demo “LINKS” to your artist profile, Sound Cloud or Reverb Nation style profile, sent by email will be considered and reviewed. All emails received with attached files will be deleted without review.

Calliste Communications also offers entertainment management and small business consulting to its clients.