Press Release: The Legendary Mix Master Ice from UTFO to Perform Electrohop in London – First Time Ever

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The Legendary Mix Master Ice from UTFO to Perform Electrohop in London – First Time Ever


February 7, 2013 Columbus, Ohio – The Legendary Mix Master Ice from UTFO of the classic Hip Hop song “Roxanne Roxanne” will perform in London, England for the first time ever in his illustrious DJ career.

Ice is looking forward to  slamming a kick ass set at‘s Electrohop – An Electro & Hip Hop Night with the Legends at Brixton Club House, Saturday 13, April 2013.

Back around 1980 Mix Master Ice got his start in Medgar Evans projects in Brooklyn, New York. Nowadays, Mix Master Ice is respected worldwide and is known for his impeccable speed, scratch skills, beat cut skills and creating new styles of DJ’ing and scratching. Ice says, “I’m the reason some DJ’s DJ”.  Mix Master Ice was inducted into the Technics DMC DJ Hall of Fame in 2000.

According to Mix Master Ice’s biography 2013, “In the beginning, “DJ Ice” started a DJ crew with The Educated Rapper. After a couple of years of being submerged in the Hip Hop culture they joined forces with Kid Kangol and Dr. Ice to form the four member group U.T.F.O. (Untouchable Force Organization).”

“U.T.F.O. went on to release 5 albums between 1984 and 1991. Select Records was blessed with 4 albums…and the 5th album (was released) on Jive Records,…a greatest hits LP in 1996 again on Select Records. These albums (possess) some of the most innovative scratching techniques of its time. Mix Master Ice also blessed many of U.T.F.O.’s with his rapping abilities.”

the_legendary_hashim_and_mixmasterice_150313 Headlining the Electrohop at Brixton Club House event with Mix Master Ice  is the Electro world’s Godfather of Electro @Calliste a.k.a. Hashim. @Calliste is known for writing and co-producing the classic Electro Hip Hop tunes “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as recognized by most scratch, beat cut and world champion DJ’s and breakers, poppers and dancers ,”It’s time”.  He is also responsible for the Electro Hip Hop tunes  “We’re Rockin the Planet”, “Chateau Vie”, “Primrose Path” and many others. @Calliste sold millions, appears on 150 “definitive”, “best of”, “classic” music compilations with Ministry of Sound, Fabric London, Global Underground, K7 Studio, Virgin, Sony, Universal, Ninja Tune, SuSu and others in England, Germany,  France, The Netherlands, Canada, USA and many more countries.

Although both @Calliste a.k.a. Hashim and Ice are native New Yorker’s they have never performed the same show.  They are both excited to grace the same stage at Brixton Club House. This is @Calliste’s second London based appearance since 1986 where Hashim performed to two sold out crowds at Wembley Arena for the “U.K. Fresh ’86”.

Here’s an idea of why you should be come out and see The Legendary Mix Master Ice at ELECTROHOP – An Electro & Hip Hop Night with the Legends at Brixton Club House London, England on Sat. 13, April.


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