Music Artists

Since 1985 Hashim Music (ASCAP) has published various songwriter and music publisher songs and catalogs. Below is a catalog of the songwriters and music publishers Hashim Music administered over the years.

  • Hashim

Fact 1 : Hashim is solo artist, keyboardists, songwriter, and producer

  • Jerry Calliste Jr.

Fact 2: At times when Hashim played live or toured he played with musicians and the members were called “The Force” who are:

  • Alex Alexander (drums & percussion) who toured and recorded with Dido,
  • Lezlie Lemon (bass) who toured and recorded with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam,
  • Sidney Howell (guitar)
  • Peaches & Fable Pop locker and break-dancers from the classic hip hop movies “Breaking” and “Beat Street”

Fact 3: These talented musicians also made appearances on three of Hashim’s songs, “I Don’t Need Your Love”, “Primrose Path” and “Chateau Vie”.

  • Imperial Brothers
  • High Fidelity Three
  • Soft Touch
  • BeaSingha
  • Tripnotic