Hashim Music Gets it Start

Founded in 1983 by Jerry Calliste Jr. at 17 years old, Hashim Music is a music publishing company and a publishing company member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP circa 1985). Over the years Hashim Music has published and co-published some of the most popular hip hop electro-funk and electronic dance music in the world. At the peak of the old school hip hop and electro-funk build up in the 80’s Hashim Music published songs worldwide that transcended hip hop and electro-funk and influenced the popularity and growth of other genres of dance music such as modern day electro and trance.

“Hashim Music presents…”

As of 2007 Hashim Music plans to partner with electronic music production companies and begin selling music under the moniker “Hashim Music presents…”. The “Hashim Music presents…” series will feature popular songwriters and producers in hip hop and electro then reach out to other dance music genres.