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Legendary Electro Hip Hop Songwriter and Producer Calliste Jr. Secures Propellerhead Sponsorship and Endorsement Deal







hashimraid_techelectroJune 15, 2012 Columbus, Ohio – Hashim Music http://www.hashimmusic.com/ an Electro and Hip Hop music publishing company and member of ASCAP (since 1985), during March 2012, secured a Propellerhead Software (Sweden) sponsorship and endorsement deal for the legendary, award winning, Electro Hip Hop songwriter and producer Jerry Calliste Jr.

The deal includes a video recording of the 30 year studio veteran, Calliste Jr. producing new music and instructing songwriters, DJ’s and producers on how to use Reason 6+.  Reason 6 is a complete music making and recording studio software program. The video to be posted on Propellerhead Software’s YouTube channel and company web site.